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Biodegradable Pallet Wrap 500mm x 240mts x 17 micron x 12 rolls

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  • NEW Biodegradable Pallet Stretch Film from Andywrap protects goods on pallets from the weather and dust in transport and storage.

    This Pallet Wrap is made from "Oxo-biodegradable" plastic and it degrades quickest in the exact situation we want it to - when it becomes rubbish. The degradation time varies depending on the amount of exposure to degradation promoters (sunlight, heat, and micro organisms). When the plastic is used and stored properly it lasts for many years, but once it becomes rubbish it could degrade in under 12 months. Although micro organisms speed up the degradation process they are not required - giving oxo-biodegradation a distinct advantage over other methods for degrading plastic. Our oxo-biodegradable plastic has been certified by RAPRA Technology Analytical Laboratories as safe for long-term contact with any food type at temperatures up to 40°C according to European regulations. RAPRA is accredited by the United Kingdom accreditation authorities as meeting the requirements of International Standards Organisation norm no.17025.

    This product can only be supplied to the UK mainland.

    12 Rolls of 500mm x 240mts high quality hand held Biodegradable Pallet Wrap.