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Product Description

Andywrap® Carpet Protector film offers the easiest way to protect carpets from dirt and damage during periods of dirty foot traffic when building work or decorating is being carried out. 

Andywrap® Carpet Film is a low tack self adhesive carpet protection film, which can also be used as a replacement for dust sheets. Andywrap® Carpet Film sticks directly to the carpet, unlike sheeting which just lies on the carpet and can be easily kicked up!

Only one person is needed to temporarily cover large areas with this effective protection system.

Size: 600mm x 100mts x 4 rolls

It is not advised to use low tack self adhesive carpet protection film on woollen carpets and rugs.

The user must at all times satisfy themselves that the products used are suitable. Andywrap Eurofilm Limited cannot accept liability for the use to which products are put or the way in which they are used. All recommendations stated by the company are made in good faith. Recommendations do not over-ride the basic obligation of the user to satisfy themselves at all times as to suitability because of the widely varying environmental conditions, the standards of application and the changes in technology which alter the properties of the material, with which the products are expected to perform.



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Carpet Protector Film FLOORX® 600mm x 100mts.. x 4 rolls @ £27.50 per roll