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Product Description

Emergency Window/Glass Repair Film,

The film is an optically clear, self adhesive, window film, specifically designed to be placed on already broken and cracked glass windows.  The film will temporary make the glass safe, helping to stabilize the glass integrity, weather proofing it until the glass can be replaced. 

Already in use in, schools, hospitals and commercial premises making glass safe and weather proof after breakage until repairs can take place.

Application is simple - all you have to do is cut the material to the full size of the window or panel, peel back a few inches of the backing paper and apply to the top edge of the area to be repaired.  Next by peeling off the remaining backing paper and smoothing down with a soft cloth, apply to the remaining area, leaving an almost invisible repair.

Size: 500mm x 50mts (High Tack) with a release liner

The user must at all times satisfy themselves that the products used are suitable. Andywrap Eurofilm Limited cannot accept liability for the use to which products are put or the way in which they are used. All recommendations stated by the company are made in good faith. Recommendations do not over-ride the basic obligation of the user to satisfy themselves at all times as to suitability because of the widely varying environmental conditions, the standards of application and the changes in technology which alter the properties of the material, with which the products are expected to perform.

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Emergency Glass Repair Film 500mm x 50mts x 90 micron