Glass Demolition Film __500mm x 50mts x 1 roll__

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  • Andywrap® Demolition Film is a clear heavy duty polypropylene film with a long ageing acrylic adhesive  to assist with the safe removal of glass.  This specialist film is designed to be used when removing glass from windows and doors and reduces the risk of flying shards of glass. Quick and easy to apply, it can make the demolition job safer.

    Application is simple - all you have to do is cut the material to the full size of the window or panel, peel back a few inches of the backing paper and apply to the top edge of the area to be repaired.  Next by peeling off the remaining backing paper and smoothing down with a soft cloth, apply to the remaining area.

    Size: 500mm x 50mts (High Tack) with a release liner


    Width:           600mm
    Length:         50mts
    Thickness:    90 micron 
    Adhesive:     Acrylic Water Based
    Condition New